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Frequently Asked Questions About Buying A Mobility Scooter Or Power Wheelchair

Rey Manzano |


Mobility issues can make it restrictive and challenging to get around on your own. But with the use of a power wheelchair or mobility scooter, you can regain a certain level of movement that enables you to keep up with the rest of the world. Unfortunately, if you are unaware of how these devices work, you may have a ton of questions about them. To provide you with the information you’re seeking, Triple M Mobility has answered some of the most frequently asked questions about buying a mobility scooter or power wheelchair.

1. Does medical insurance cover the cost of mobility scooters?
Depending on the insurance you have, your insurance company will accordingly offer coverage for powered mobility. Still, the fact of the matter is, the process of overing mobility scooters under your insurance is generally very elongated (and can take up to nine months to complete) because of the enormous amount of paperwork and doctor visits needed to get approved. After getting approved, you’re also going to be limited to only being able to purchase a mobility product, which is considered to be sufficient at most, meaning you typically won’t be able to buy that fancy model with all the extra bells and whistles you wanted.

Insurance companies are in business to make money for the most part, and if you’re expecting the process of obtaining a power chair through your insurance to be painless, you’re likely in for an unpleasant surprise. For you to initiate the process, you’ll need to spend at least three months going to the doctor and getting paperwork filled out before you’re even approved. Once you do get approved or if you do, you’ll still have to buy the unit outright before getting reimbursed by the insurer in most cases. This will take another two to three months on average. If you’re not so sure about this or you’re not interested in waiting for six months and filling out tons of paperwork, seeing your doctor, and jumping through hoops, then you may want to consider outright buying or financing your unit. Many private lenders and even the retailers that sell power wheelchairs online often provide hassle-free financing with low-interest rates, allowing you to get that new electric wheelchair that you’ve had an eye on.

If you’re able to, you can even purchase your mobility scooter through the many power wheelchair stores online. However, it’s best to find a local dealer like ours that offers a showroom floor with a large selection of mobility scooters such as the Go Go Mobility Scooter with the best prices and free shipping. To view a list of all the best power wheelchair and scooter brands and models that we offer, simply click here for “New Power Wheelchairs” and select your category to begin shopping. You can also view our Jazzy power wheelchair page or new mobility scooter page to see our most popular mobility scooter and power chair series by Pride Mobility.

2. How long do mobility scooter batteries last?
Although most manufacturers generally offer a twelve-month warranty on batteries, mobility scooter batteries should deliver an average lifespan of up to eighteen months, depending on usage. In a “light” mobility application, such as using your scooter once or twice a week, the battery can deliver a lifespan of up to three years.

3. What is the best regime for charging my batteries?
We recommend that you charge your batteries after every trip. Even if you have not been very far, it is wise to ensure that your batteries are full before each journey. Don’t leave your batteries for long periods without being charged, even if you have not used your scooter.

4. What are the proper charging guidelines to get the most out of your scooter batteries?
To ensure your scooter batteries are powered up and deliver maximum output, ensure that you:

a. Use the equipment manufacturer’s automatic charger for all routine charging or a suitable equivalent.
b. Never use an automotive or wet-type charger on Sealed Gel or AGM batteries, as doing so will damage your battery.
c. Depth of discharge affects cycle life. The harder a battery has to work, the shorter its life expectancy.
d. Avoid ultra-deep discharges and never drain your batteries completely.
e. Do not leave your batteries in a low state of charge for an extended length of time. Charge a discharged battery as soon as possible.
f. Do not cycle your batteries at a low state of charge without regularly recharging them fully.

5. Do you have a showroom floor with a variety of mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs to choose from?
We have over a dozen power mobility scooter options on our showroom floor. They range from standard three-wheel and four-wheel models to higher-end options (like a motorcycle), there is an option for every budget.

We are authorized dealers of the top brands in the mobility scooter business like Pride Mobility, Golden Technologies, Drive Medical, Glion, Merits Healthcare, eWheels, Solax, Air Hawk, Invacare, Dalton, and so many more

6. Do you offer home delivery for power wheelchairs and mobility scooters?
Triple M Mobility delivers and offers in-home training and set-up for three and four-wheel travel, standard, and heavy-duty scooters in Houston, Katy, Harris County, and all surrounding counties. If you are outside our travel zone, meaning out of state, travel power wheelchairs and folding power wheelchairs are delivered via UPS or FedEx and do not require a signature. Full-size power wheelchairs are delivered via freight carrier. The freight carrier will call you to arrange a specific delivery time once it arrives in your city terminal, at their facility in your area. You can give us a call at 1-866-391-4466 if you’d like to know more or need any assistance.

7. Do you provide scooter batteries, chargers, and parts?
Yes, Triple M Mobility offers high-quality batteries, exclusively designed for all popular electric mobility scooter brands, Pride Mobility, Go Go scooters, and others.

All our scooter batteries are sealed AGM, fully charged, and ready to install. Sealed AGM batteries are maintenance-free and leak-proof. We make sure all batteries used in scooters are professionally tested, and we guarantee 100% compatibility with your original equipment. Our products come with a one-year warranty. We carry a comprehensive selection of brands like Drive Medical, Invacare, and Pride Mobility, so you’re sure to find a scooter battery charger to fit your needs. These chargers plug into a standard wall outlet, and a full charge generally takes eight to fourteen hours. They are easy to install, use, and are all auto shut-off to prevent the batteries from overcharging. Usually, we carry most parts, but on some of the newer models, we may have to order through the manufactures.

If you have any more questions about mobility scooters and power wheelchairs, get in touch with the experts at Triple M Mobility. We specialize in sales, repair, and maintenance of wheelchairs, power wheelchairs, and mobility scooters in Houston, TX. We take pride in providing the high-quality products and services that you deserve. To achieve this, we ensure that your mobility devices are safe and fully functional before delivering them. If you face issues with your mobility device or just need a yearly maintenance checkup, our skilled technicians are here for you. We are one of the very few warranty service contractors for most major manufacturer here in the US, and are happy to catter to your needs in the event of damages or malfunctions.

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